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Lee Roth

While working as a press photographer covering Hollywood’s most prestigious events, Lee Roth began photographing models in search of a creative outlet. “Working on the red carpet is lots of fun,” says Roth, “yet we may have only 30 to 45 seconds with top name talent.”

“With 40 to 70 of us all screaming at the top of our lungs – To your left! To your right! Straight ahead! – there is certainly an art to getting that person lit properly, squared up, hopefully looking at the camera, and maybe even smiling. But it is -not- a creative process.” Roth continued, “As a photographer, it’s not your set, it’s not your lighting, and you are certainly not in control of the talent! That’s what led me to begin photographing models, as a creative outlet to relax from the frenzy of event shooting.”

Roth’s first love in photography has always been scenic shooting on location. Working in Hollywood has taught him that, “If you stick a pretty girl in the foreground, you can sell that shot!” Hence, the concept for Glamour Quest was born.

Today, Roth works as a photo editor for a major publisher, reviewing as many as 20,000 photos each day on a vast array of topics. While still working backstage as a freelance field editor at the major awards shows, including this year’s 87th Annual Academy Awards®, he has stepped back from the daily grind of event coverage. He now works as house photographer for a select group of sports organizations and charitable foundations while continuing to represent and syndicate other red carpet event photographers to photo agency outlets in Europe. Through it all, Roth enjoys most his continuing work with emerging models, makeup artists and stylists.

“I love the creativity of discovering a new model, a small-town girl who has never considered a career in modeling or acting. In most of the world, those are just not career paths most women think are attainable, yet every girl has sung into her hairbrush and posed in front of the bathroom mirror at least once! My satisfaction comes from matching her personality with a location, theme, makeup and wardrobe, then working with my styling team to make it happen. The payoff? Watching her transform into a confident woman taking charge of the opportunities in front of her.”

Renowned celebrity photographer Lee Roth is a specialist in private glamour sessions, on-location, anywhere in the world. For models, actors, dancers, and other entertainment professionals, we create portfolios that get you noticed, and get you cast in that role. For a once in a lifetime gift, set up a private photo session for that special someone. It’s an experience, and an image, she will remember the rest of her life!

Lee is owner of Roth Stock Digital Media, a content creator with its origins in the early days of the World Wide Web and a focus on the photographic arts. Our expertise is delivering photographic images for print publication, via the Web, mobile applications, broadcast and cable television, and in motion pictures.  You may learn more about our offerings on the Photography Services page in this site.

We offer two hour, half-day and full-day photo sessions. For rates and availability, serious inquiries only, please use our Contact Page.

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