Michelle: Breezin’

One of my first model shoots was with an entertainment reporter I met on the red carpet at that year’s Academy Awards®.  Michelle is from a small desert town in Southern California, so I was somewhat surprised to learn she was covering the Oscars® for a Malaysian television station. I never did learn where that connection came from!

Glamour Quest Girl Michelle: Breezin'
Michelle: Breezin’

With the frenzy of working on the red carpet, shooting models became a creative relief for me. On the red carpet, we might have top-name talent for only 30 to 45 seconds. With 40 to 70 photographers all screaming at once, “To Your Left” … “To Your Right” … “Straight Ahead” … it can be a trying environment for photography.

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On the red carpet as a press photographer, you’re not in control of the set, you’re not in control of the lighting, and you’re certainly not in control of the talent. So working with models is where I get my creativity going.

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